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Wassup!!! We are 3 amateur comic artists from Vietnam: tta269, splendidriver and kal_clarie_el. We are the Comictrio team!!! And this is our official website, where you can find anything about us: like how we team working with our deviantART gallery, how we spend our daily life with our blog, galleries and everything. We hope you'll like what you find here and support us in our plans. Don't forget to leave us some words in the guestbook, we'll be greatful for that. Thank you.

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* Please chek out our blog to see our short and funny comics that we made to bring you a best sight of our life and how we work to be comic artists.

* We are planning a series of comics named "Dim and Mi: Wishing story" for a tween-magazine in Vietnam "Little Angels".

* And besides, we're also working on a script for an one-shot comic with a gently story about a super-hero life.